Smoking Cessation

“Don’t smoke near me! Don’t be like me!”- Giving lung cancer patients the role of health provider for the treatment of tobacco addiction-

Japan Lung Cancer Alliance

Japan's passive smoking prevention is largely behind the world. The existence of a group that can not be taken in the conventional recommendation for smoking cessation treatment is a human rights problem that threatens our life for lung cancer survivors. As the Interest in passive smoking issues increases as the Tokyo Olympics are ahead, we will make unprecedented challenges that lung cancer patients recommend consultations to people who are strongly dependent, even if there are lung cancer patients close to them. Intervention with acquaintances is difficult. In order to overcome that difficulty, we will inform the lung cancer patient association that passive smoking will accelerate the death of lung cancer patients and elect the ambassadors from the patient association. They precede activities and support participants as mentors. By disclosing our activities on the Internet and inviting coverage, we encourage participation of lung cancer patients not belonging to the patient association, enhance the interests and sympathies of patient families, cancer employment support companies, medical personnel, and form public opinion. We are going to share these education and activity tools with health care professionals in schools and workplaces, to foster the activities continuous and widespread, and to accelerate the realization of smoking cessation society on our own.

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December 2017
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Japan 2017 Tobacco Cessation