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Improving hospital-based smoking cessation interventions in South European Countries [ISCI_SEC]

Catalan Institute of Oncology
Goal: To improve the effectiveness and frequency of tobacco cessation interventions in hospitals from two Southern European Countries (Portugal and Spain). 
Target population:  About 1200 health professionals from 2 hospitals per participant country (300 in each hospital) will be trained in the usage of a new tobacco cessation program. Smokers attended in each hospital will benefit of this intervention. 
Methods:  This implementation research project will design a comprehensive tobacco cessation program that combines two evidence-based tested products: (1) an online tobacco cessation course, and (2) tobacco cessation materials addressed to clinicians and smokers based on the Ottawa model. The translation and the adaptation of the materials will be done by local partners. The adoption and implementation of the tobacco cessation program will follow the AHRQ model for transferring evidence into practice. 
Evaluation:  Several pre-post evaluations are planned: (1) Process: to assess coverage, fidelity and satisfaction with the program (we will consider a positive coverage when smokers’ inclusion will be  ≥50% of smokers admitted); (2)
Outcome: to measure changes on health professionals’ knowledge, attitudes and behaviors after the training (we will consider a positive change with an increase of ≥20% of these indicators); (3) Impact: to assess whether the intervention increases the number of smokers  assisted and whether smoking rates increase compared to baseline (good level consider with rates over ≥10% after 6 months of discharge).
Diffusion: Results will give a depth view to policy-makers and healthcare professionals of the impact of a comprehensive smoking cessation program applied in hospitals
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October 2016
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