Smoking Cessation

Supporting Clean Air for Babies: An organizational strategy to reduce perinatal smoking (Category 1)

To reduce the prevalence of smoking before and during pregnancy and the first postnatal year among members of Meuhedet & their families.
Target population:
1.Women who are pregnant or planning a pregnancy, and their significant others, who are at risk of exposing their child to tobacco smoke during pregnancy and during the first year of life.
2.Physicians and health care providers in Primary Health clinics, Women's Health Centers, Fertility Clinics, Well Baby clinics, and telephone services
We will restructure and enhance the management of perinatal care related to smoking cessation and maintenance by increasing awareness, knowledge and self-efficacy among physicians, nurses and other caregivers who interact with women before, during and post pregnancy. In this way we are building long term capacity within the organization. 
Using our existing computerized medical records database we will develop algorithms to identify our target audience. The stages of this program are:
1.Identification of women who planning a pregnancy 
2.To design, implement and evaluate a training program for physicians and health care providers in the following settings:
a.Women's health centers
b.Fertility clinics
c.Well Baby clinics
d.Gynecologists visits
e.Telephone services
3.To establish and disseminate tailored solutions for smoking cessation for women and their significant others, including relapse prevention services. 
This project will undergo evaluation at all stages: formative evaluation to maximize the potential of our intervention, process evaluation to allow in-depth analysis of all approaches, and outcome evaluation to assess efficacy and effectiveness.
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Approval Date:
September 2016
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In Progress
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