Improving Therapeutic Patient Education for Atopic Dermatitis: Development and Evaluation of a Parent Handbook

Boston Children's Hospital

The goal of our proposed project is the development and evaluation of an educational handbook to facilitate therapeutic education as a routine component of care for pediatric atopic dermatitis (AD).   AD has a profound impact on patient and family quality of life.  While effective treatments are available, poor adherence is a common cause of treatment failure.  We are proposing the development of a parent handbook, focused on information and skills necessary to manage and cope with AD.  The project will be conducted at Boston Children’s Hospital and coordinated through the interdisciplinary Atopic Dermatitis Center. The primary audiences will include: 1) healthcare providers (physicians, nurses) at Boston Children’s Hospital who care for pediatric patients with AD within specialty clinics (Atopic Dermatitis Center, Dermatology Program, Allergy Program) and Primary Care; and 2) parents of pediatric patients with AD treated at Boston Children’s Hospital.  We will conduct a randomized controlled trial to evaluate handbook effectiveness in improving AD symptoms, child and parent quality of life, and parent confidence in AD management.  We will also assess parent satisfaction with the handbook.  Following the trial, the handbook will be available for use by all Boston Children’s Hospital healthcare providers as an educational tool for patients with AD.  We will use online surveys to track healthcare provider use of and satisfaction with the handbook and utilize this data to address barriers to handbook use.  The handbook will also be available publicly on the internet for dissemination beyond our institution as a free, accessible resource.  

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November 2017
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