Clinical pathway for the timeliy & appropriate treatment and support of young women diagnosed with breast cancer

University of Nebraska Board of Regents dba University of Nebraska Medical Center
Goal:  Improve the efficacy and efficiency with which oncology care providers (OCP) recognize and systematically address physical, psychosocial, and decision-making needs of young breast cancer patients in a manner that: a) extends to rural Nebraska populations, b) supports adherence to clinical guidelines, and c) minimizes burden to patients and the medical system.
Target Population:  OCPs and approximately 100 women with breast cancer, < 50 years old, seen in six cancer centers throughout Nebraska. 
Methods:  A clinical pathway focused on young women with breast cancer will be developed with input from a 14 member multidisciplinary team (including breast cancer survivor).  Pathway introduction to collaborating rural cancer centers will occur via live webinar event.  The pathway will be hosted on a website accessible by collaborating cancer centers and patients. Throughout the project, eight pre-recorded educational webinars will be presented by specialists.  Collaborating cancer centers will present young patients’ cases at any of 3 weekly; real-time multidisciplinary conferences (MDC) held at UNMC-facilities using telemedicine capabilities, allowing OCPs to concurrently review radiology/pathology data and receive recommendations from multidisciplinary specialists for same-day patient consultations. Additional telemedicine consultations between UNMC specialists and collaborating OCPs will be offered.  
Assessment:  Patient decision-making satisfaction, treatment adherence, side effect management, psychosocial outcomes, and quality of life before pathway introduction, and 6 and 12 months (unique patients) after introduction will be assessed. OCPs’ pathway and educational webinar access, pathway and NCCN guideline adherence, MDC and consult participation, knowledge, communication, and satisfaction will be assessed at 6 and 12 months.  
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November 2017
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2017 Clinical Pathways in Breast Cancer