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The Impact of Depression in the Workplace in Japan: Strategies and Solutions

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Abstract: The program The Impact of Depression in the Workplace in Japan: Strategies and Solutions is aimed at providing a holistic view of depression in the workplace in Japan and its personal, societal, and economic impact. The overall goal of the program is to provide expert views and perspectives to improve the recognition and treatment of depression in the workplace in Japan. The primary target audience of this educational program is psychiatrists and primary care physicians (PCPs). The initiative includes an online educational activity for the target audience: The format chosen is a Curbside Consult program, which is an online, enduring video discussion between 2 leading experts to review and share their viewpoints and perspectives. The participants of the program will have increased knowledge regarding the impact of workplace depression, as well as screening tools and techniques for identifying depression in the workplace; and greater competence in recognizing and treating workplace depression in Japan. Outcomes will be assessed using activity participation (user metrics); satisfaction (evaluation results and learner feedback); and knowledge and competence (posttest results data) to determine the impact of the education. 
Keywords: depression, workplace, suicide, Japan
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November 2017
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Depression Treatment in Japan