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FH Canada

McGill University Health Center

FH Canada: Increasing Awareness, Targeted Screening, Empowering Patients, Saving Lives. The overall goal of the project is to increase awareness of familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) among health care professionals (HCP), their patients and family members through the creation of educational resources and web-based applications to simplify FH diagnosis and treatment. We will leverage the Canadian FH Registry and its website ( to achieve these goals. The project will combine 1)- the creation of educational resources for health care professionals (HCP) across Canada (accredited teaching slide kits, revised book on lipoprotein disorders, peer-reviewed position statements, FH Canada 2016 Reunion); 2)- the design of apps for Canadian FH diagnosis criteria and treatment; and 3)- educational FH Canada-based resources for patients. These interventions align with the mission of the FH Canada registry initiative and, once implemented, will directly improve the care of Canadian FH patients, a population at high risk of cardiovascular events. The 3 principal objectives of the proposal are to 1- increase awareness of FH among HCP in Canada; 2- increase ease of diagnosis for family physicians and cascade screening through simplified Canada FH definition and apps, and 3- increase awareness of FH for Canadian patients, family members and Health Care Providers. We expect to improve the precision of  FH diagnosis, increase the number of diagnosed FH patients and family members and provide them access to expert care, on-going clinical trials and novel therapies.

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June 2016
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New Advances in Lipid Management
New Advances in Lipid Management