Cardiovascular Risk

Improving risk Assessment, Referrals and Lipid goal Attainment for High Risk CV Patients: A city wide QI Initiative

University of Chicago/Cardiology
A key factor in closing the quality gap between best practice and common practice is the ability of healthcare providers and their organizations to rapidly and constantly identify, test and adopt changes that work for their systems. The University of Chicago (U of C) and Intelligent Medical Decisions, Inc. (iMD) have designed a Quality Improvement Education (QIE) initiative that combines quality improvement (QI) science, tools and techniques with data-driven education in an 18-month curriculum that gives healthcare providers the necessary resources to design, implement and measure sustainable change within their clinical systems.
Our goal is to form a collaborative of primary care and specialty clinics in the Chicago area to implement and study the impact of an 18-month QI initiative focused on improving identification and management of high-risk CV patients toward achieving their lipid targets.
Led by Michael H. Davidson, MD and the U of C Lipid Clinic and facilitated by Intelligent Medical Decisions, Inc. (iMD), we will enroll and train clinical sites in the greater Chicago area to form multi-disciplinary QI Teams to spearhead improvement efforts, perform baseline assessments of their high-risk CV patient populations, and rigorously design, implement and measure the impact of clinical process changes. Two regional live CME/CE meetings will share QI Team findings and efforts with peers to motivate improvement efforts and instill a city-wide culture of change. Results will be evaluated for impact on clinical process and outcomes and will be used to develop publications to scale successful changes to a broader audience.
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April 2016
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New Advances in Lipid Management
New Advances in Lipid Management