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OFF Shore team please create the following under this Menu: --> basic page -->basic page --> Page consists of two sections: the first section will have a view of all the Pfizer Board Members (person wjhere type == board). Clicking on the link will take you to the meet the board page under leadership and structure the second section is a block of links which will take you to a new page where it will dynamically (view) list board members with the committee type (ie Audit, corporate governance). the Audit committee has 1 additional view for those on this committee with Financial Experience (another view) -- a view showing each board member and their committees (sorted by last name) These next Menu Items are repeats / Links for what was used for second section page (create menu item under "Meet Our Board") (create menu item under "Meet Our Board") (create menu item under "Meet Our Board") (create menu item under "Meet Our Board") (create menu item under "Meet Our Board") (create menu item under "Meet Our Board") (create menu item under "Meet Our Board") --> link to pdf hosted on drupal (right from menu entry) page menu item (basic page) with 9 sub menus and rest of these (search live site) is a menu (basic page) with 1 sub menu basic page is a menu (basic page) with NO Sub Menus Pfizer is a leader in corporate governance, and good corporate governance is fundamental to Pfizer's business. A cornerstone of governance at Pfizer is our shareholder outreach program, through which we regularly engage with our investors and stakeholders around the world to gain insight into the burgeoning issues at the forefront of their business policies and guidelines. We aim to seek a more collaborative approach to specific issues of importance to us and our industry. Shareholder input helps us to continue to drive innovations in policies and disclosures on corporate political activities and other key governance areas. Our annually elected board of directors is comprised entirely of independent directors (with the only exception being our CEO, Ian Read). Each Director provides a unique business perspective, experience and skills, all valuable to the Company. The board plays a vital oversight role, which fosters shareholder value and affects stakeholder confidence, through discussions with senior leaders and external advisers covering a wide range of matters including strategy, financial performance, compliance and public policy. Regulatory reforms have resulted in the transformation of the corporate governance landscape and Pfizer has embraced these amendments, and in some cases has been ahead of the game in adopting innovations that are now requirements. It is essential that we practice responsible business principles, and continue to demonstrate our commitment to excellence to sustain value for our investors and stakeholders.