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Pfizer Clinical Innovation is leading the industry in applying novel technologies, innovative partnerships, and new approaches to enhance and transform clinical trials and the development of new medicines.

Clinical Innovation areas of focus include:

  • Patient Engagement – Raising awareness and supporting patient recruitment & retention for clinical trials, enhancing patient participation, improving generation of patient insights into study design, sharing data & information with trial participants
  • Real World Data – Leveraging diverse data sources and analytics tools to enhance study design and protocol optimization, capture clinical trial data more efficiently
  • Mobile & Digital Tools – Supporting the informed and engaged patient during studies, improving study access and convenience, and enabling robust data capture whether reported by the patient or leveraging novel sensors
  • Biospecimen Management – Enabling robust acquisition, innovative consent approaches, and advanced tracking and storage capabilities to enable ready access to human clinical specimens to advance both traditional and precision medicine R&D
  • Innovative Partnerships – Partnerships spanning other biopharma companies, others in healthcare, technology partners and beyond to stimulate new approaches to rapidly understanding the efficacy and safety of medicines in development
  • Clinical Innovation seeks partners from all sectors with a shared interest in improving study start-up, enriching high-quality data collection, enhancing patient engagement, and supporting robust relationships with investigators. With hundreds of clinical trials at thousands of institutions around the world, Clinical Innovation links innovators with opportunities to impact the development of new medicines for patients.

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