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Since Pfizer's founding, innovation in medicine has been and continues to be the cornerstone of the company. Pfizer Innovation strives for business innovations to make healthcare solutions more affordable and accessible around the world. We believe opportunities presented by mobile and internet connectivity, care convergence, behavior modification, and analytics hold exciting promise for healthcare. Our mission is to collaborate with leaders of innovation who deliver solutions in the following areas of interest:

Areas of Interest

We seek leading-edge capabilities in Health IT, medical technologies and services that can be applied in the following areas of interest:

  • Real world data and analytics
    Technologies and partnerships to aggregate medical and non-medical information and generate actionable care insights.
  • Analytics-enabled services
    Service models and partnerships that apply analytics-generated insights to deliver personalized care services.
  • Personal and point of care diagnostics
    Diagnostics and sensors used by care givers or consumers to inform diagnosis, monitor and manage healthcare.
  • Healthcare decision-support tools
    Web or mobile-based tools to inform physician and patient diagnosis, monitoring and management of health care.
  • Open innovation platforms
    Solutions to enable collaboration and solutions development with researchers, suppliers, customers and patients.

How we partner

We welcome introductory discussions with entrepreneurs and established companies to explore strategic alignment, business development opportunities and investments within our areas of interest.

  • Strategic coordination: We welcome the opportunity to collaborate on your product development and strategic positioning to co-create transformative solutions.
  • Business development: We serve as your point of contact at Pfizer to explore applications of your innovative solutions within our business units.
  • Investments: We collaborate with Pfizer Venture Investments to fund promising HealthIT, Medtech and Services. Our investments in Keas, Private Access and Acacia Living are examples of how we partner with innovative companies.

Please contact us for more information or submit your business opportunity for an introductory discussion.