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What We Are Disclosing

UPDATED September 29, 2014

Please note, the reports on this site comprise Pfizer’s transparency reports for July 2009 to June 2014. To see the information Pfizer reports to the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) pursuant to the Sunshine Act provisions of the Affordable Care Act, please visit the CMS Open Payments website. CMS expects to make the data public on September 30, 2014.

Below is a chart outlining some of the differences between the data reports on this site and the disclosures required under the Sunshine Act. (this site) Sunshine Act
Issued Quarterly Issued Annually
Definition of covered recipients:
  • U.S. prescribers (including NPs, PAs, Residents); excludes employees and quasi-employees
  • Institutions
Defintion of covered recipients:
  • U.S.-licensed physicians (excluding residents and employees, but including job applicants)
  • Teaching hospitals
Transactions aggregated by reporting period and payment type, with basic recipient identifiers (name, city, state) Transactions reported by date, with greater detail
Textbooks and anatomical models are disclosed, but scientific journal reprints are not disclosed Textbooks and scientific journal reprints are considered “physician educational items” and are included. Anatomical models are considered “patient educational items” and are not included. 
Research payments limited to Phases I-IV and IIRs Research payments include pre-clinical work and also include transfers of value assigned to items such as lab materials and study drug
Transfers of value to academic medical centers limited to research-related expenses and items Transfers of value to academic medical centers include medical education grants

If you have a question about a transaction reported by Pfizer, or a question about Pfizer’s processes for payment disclosures, please contact us online.