Neuroscience & Pain


Neurologic and psychiatric diseases are some of the most devastating disorders of our time, causing significant disability around the world. Our scientists are targeting neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric diseases through a Precision Medicine approach, rooted in human biology, neuroimaging, novel biomarkers and a deeper understanding of brain circuitry.

Our Neuroscience researchers are exploring the origins of central nervous system (CNS) diseases using genetics, neurophysiology, and functional brain imaging to design next generation therapeutics. Pain encompasses a distinct group of conditions with unique underlying biology, affecting patients in different ways depending on co-morbidities, background genetics and psychology.

With one of the broadest franchises of pain therapies in the pharmaceutical industry, Pfizer is taking a multi-faceted approach to pain management, developing new and unique approaches across different mechanisms, a variety of therapeutic modalities and a range of therapeutic delivery technologies. We also focus on creating new medicines for sensory disorders with high unmet need such as hearing loss. Our Pain researchers are working to develop novel therapeutics and improved formulations and combinations of existing therapies.

Work with Us

If you're interested in collaborating with our Neuroscience and Pain research teams, visit our Neuroscience Partnering and Neusentis/Pain & Sensory Disorders Partnering pages to learn more about the work we are pursuing.