Brenda Santos

Senior Safety Surveillance Associate
Pfizer Medical

Brenda has worked for Pfizer since March 2007 as a Drug Safety Surveillance Associate for the Social Medicines Team and Cardiovascular Team. Currently, she is a Senior Safety Surveillance Associate for the Cardiovascular-Coagulation Therapeutic Area at the Bridgewater site.

During her Fellowship with the South Carolina College of Pharmacy, Brenda will work at the College of Pharmacy's Medication Safety and Efficacy Center for Economic Excellence (CoEE) by contributing to a broad team effort to examine data and identify trends in patterns of care and oncology drug use and effects among the underserved communities. Brenda will focus on access, safety, and efficacy issues and will enhance her knowledge on biostatistics and epidemiology in drug safety and efficacy.

She hopes to gain knowledge and skills in public health policy management and looks forward to working for the underserved population, those with poor access to healthcare. This has been one of her professional goals for many years. Brenda is eager to work among peers with similar goals and aspirations.

The mission of the South Carolina College of Pharmacy is to improve the health and healthcare of people in South Carolina where the numbers of medically underserved are high.