David Marshall

Director, Market Analytics

Since May 1986, David has worked for Pfizer in Market Research. He specializes in understanding managed care customers in the U.S. Over time he has observed how these larger U.S. customers have evolved. He uses this knowledge and the primary research he performs to reveal how sales and marketing need to address an ever-changing market.

GBCHealth is partnering with the GHF program in 2012-2013 to design and implement a new initiative to engage businesses in diabetes prevention and care efforts across China. By sharing chronic disease experience with GBCHealth, Fellows will play a critical role in building this critical advocacy and prevention initiative and expanding the business community's contributions to address this growing public health concern.

In 2012, David will work with GBCHealth to develop their strategy, implementation and communications plans for this new initiative.

Through his Fellowship experience, David looks forward to adapting to a different environment and using his market research and entrepreneurial skills to address public health issues. He believes he will return from his assignment with additional skills and will be able to look at the U.S. managed care market differently.

GBCHealth is a coalition of more than 220 companies united to keep the fight against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, and non-communicable diseases a global priority. The Coalitionýs members share learning and knowledge from the front lines of the fight, and GBC provides tailored support so that companies can take an active role in defeating the pandemics. GBC also organizes collective actions among companies, and links the public and private sectors in ways that pool talents and resources. GBC represents the private sector to the Global Fund.