Joseph Wang

Associate Director, Biostatistician
Primary Care, Statistics

Joseph has worked for Pfizer since August 2003 as a biostatistician for supporting the Detrol Medical team in the urology therapeutic area. Currently, he is responsible for both Detrol and Toviaz scientific and commercial clinical study analysis supporting product positioning, publication, and product defense. His past work experience also includes three years of patient claim database analysis supporting formulary submission while he worked for Greenstone Healthcare Solutions.

On his Fellowship assignment with the Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention, Joseph will be working with NGO clinicians conducting cost-effectiveness analysis using their patient claim database data. The goal of this assignment is evaluating the cancer care and prevention program by comparing the health care cost of treatment vs. no-treatment and publishing the analysis results. Through this experience, Joseph hopes to learn more about cancer care and prevention as well as the challenges to effectively treating underserved people. Joseph believes his assignment will give him a better understanding of cancer patientsý needs including their living environment, their everyday problems and their search for effective medical treatments.

The Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention is a community based Center for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer through new models of patient care, research, education and outreach designed to address the unique needs of the community.