Melanie Martel

Senior Brand Manager
European Strategic Asset Team

Since Melanie joined Pfizer in December 2005, she has held several positions in product development and marketing in both Australia and Europe. Her career has mainly been focusing on life–threatening conditions such as HIV/AIDS, Anti–infectives and Oncology. She currently works in the European Strategic Asset Team for Zeldox/Geodon as a Senior Manager focusing on the out–patient communication campaign and the peri–LoE strategy.

Ten years ago, Melanie along with other students was exposed to heath–related issues in the developing world when helping a hospital pharmacy in Madagascar reorganizing the pharmacy, providing guidance on how to substitute drugs when not available and determining how to maximize supplies with local generics.

On her Fellowship assignment, Melanie will work for IntraHealth International in Senegal as a Communication & Media Fellow for the MNCH/FP/Malaria Project relating to maternal and child health. She will participate in the development of a plan to increase its visibility through social media avenues resulting in advancing its public health mission.

IntraHealth is dedicated to strengthening health workers and the systems that support them.