Shannon Topinka

Technical Assistant
Pfizer Animal Health

In the spring of 1999 Shannon Topinka began doing contract work for Pfizer Animal Health (PAH) with the Regulatory and Pharmacovigilance teams and then relocated in July 2001 to the office in Kirkland, Quebec. Through the years Shannon has grown and changed with her role which now includes managing the PAH library and copyright policy, leading a team focused on colleague engagement and continuing to work on improving processes and communications within her team.

On her Fellowship assignment with IAVI, Shannon will be traveling to regional offices in India and Kenya to work on creating model migration plans for the transfer of information from current locations to the correct systems and creating SOPs to ensure the processes can be duplicated in the future. The successful completion of this project will mean that the information in the regional offices will be validated on a regular basis and offices will be able to access each other's data on–line.

Shannon wishes to learn more about the people involved with IAVI, what their hopes and motivations are and how the culture supports them. She wants to share stories and laughter and bring home many great tales (but nothing with tails) along with stronger skills in knowledge and project management.

IAVI is a global nonprofit, public-private partnership working to ensure the development of safe, effective, and accessible HIV vaccines.