Health Educational Speaking Books

A medical speaking book is a 16-page book with distinct messages on colorful illustrations and a recorded sound track for each page. The purpose of the book is to make low illiteracy patients and their families better understand important health information. All books have been developed by Pfizer Inc, Books of Hope and various other partners. The production of the books is supported by Pfizer Inc.


South African Book on Clinical Trials

The book explains potential study participants their rights, roles and responsibilities. Randomized controlled trials have shown that people improve their understanding of rights, roles and responsibilities in a clinical trial. Pfizer developed the book together with the World Medical Association, the South Africa Medical Association, Steve Biko Centre of Bioethics and Books of Hope. 10,000 books will be distributed for free across Sub-Saharan Africa.


Indian Book on Clinical Trials

The bilingual English-Hindi and Telugu versions of the clinical trial book were launched by Pfizer in 2009 in collaboration with the World Medical Association, Indian Medical Association, Indian Council for Medical Research, Forum for Ethics Review Committees of India, Indian Society of Clinical Research and Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences. More than 13,000 books will be distributed at no cost to research sites throughout India. Research on use of medical speaking books' impact on study recruitment and retention is planned to start in 2010.


Chinese Book on Smoking

In March 2010, the medical speaking book on smoking "Stay Healthy By Not Smoking" with text and sound tract in Mandarin was launched in Beijing with the participation of the International and Chinese partners (the World Medical Association, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention the Chinese Association on Tobacco Control and the Chinese Medical Doctor Association). The book describes the health benefits of not smoking from the perspective of a 12-year-old boy, Xiao Ming. It encourages children to stay healthy by not smoking, and to play an active role in protecting themselves from second-hand smoke by creating a smoke-free environment in their schools and families.


Safe Use of Medicine for Sub-Saharan Africa

The "The Safe Use of Medicine" speaking book was developed with the World Medical Association, International Council of Nurses and the African Pharmaceutical Forum and explains to patients how they safely acquire, keep and use medicines to get well and stay healthy. Patients will learn the importance of obtaining prescription medicine, maintaining communication with the doctors and nurses and avoiding fake medications.


Hypertension for Low Literacy Groups in New York City

The medical speaking book, "High Blood Pressure and Staying Healthy," details the signs, causes and treatments for high blood pressure. Pfizer developed this book with the New York University School of Medicine, Center of Immigrant Health and the World Medical Association. Through colorful illustrations with easy to understand text, the patients are shown how lifestyle changes can improve heart health and where they can find assistance in the New York City area.


Additional medical speaking books currently under development and supported by Pfizer Inc:

Malaria and Pregnancy in Clinical Trials - to assist recruitment and informed consent process