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Climate Change

Pfizer has long recognized the risks posed by global climate change, such as more severe weather events and potential adverse impacts on human health.

We believe industry, government and the public all have a responsibility to address this evolving challenge. As a precautionary step, Pfizer has taken significant voluntary actions to reduce its own greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and is transparent in how we are helping mitigate climate change and its impact.

In particular, we aim to:

  • Fulfill our responsibilities under the UN Global Compact “Caring for Climate” initiative of which Pfizer is a signatory.
  • Reduce our GHG emissions by setting public goals and internal targets.

Notable actions we're undertaking to meet our climate change commitments include:

  • Identifying the operating risks and business opportunities presented by a changing global climate.
  • Reaffirming publicly our commitment under “Caring for Climate”.
  • Effectively managing financial implications and opportunities in a carbon-constrained world.
  • Better understanding our carbon footprint across the value chain.
  • Improving scope 3 emission estimates and reducing them.

Recent performance achievements include:

  • Met our first GHG reduction goal by decreasing emissions more than 35% adjusted to revenue (2000 to 2007) – equivalent to 20% absolute reduction.
  • Achieved our second GHG reduction goal a year early decreasing emissions more than 20% on an absolute basis (2008-2012).