Injury Free

Since our colleagues are our greatest asset, at Pfizer we implement many programs to help ensure their safety and well being, reducing the likelihood of injury. One such program is called "Injury Free".

Injury Free can be described as a journey where the destination is a Pfizer where all Colleagues and Contractors take appropriate action to eliminate incidents and injuries.

Our guiding principles along this journey are:

  • Leaders actively engage and visibly demonstrate their commitment to Incident and Injury Free culture at Pfizer.
  • We are accountable for our own safety and the safety of those around us and have the right and duty to stop unsafe situations.
  • We provide a safe workplace through effective risk management to identify and control all hazards to an acceptable level.
  • We take necessary steps to prevent the reoccurrence of injuries or incidents through thorough investigation, action plan completion and sharing with other locations as appropriate.

There are lots of different routes which can be taken along the journey and our facilities implement various different local initiatives to reach our goal of "Injury Free".

Notable actions we are taking to create an Injury Free Pfizer include:

  • Implementing Corporate Safety Standards for Pfizer buildings, laboratories and offices.
  • Certain facilities are conducting an Injury Free survey to identify opportunities for improvement.

Recent performance achievements include:

  • We met our 40% reduction target for recordable injury and illness rates (2007-2010) a year early.
  • We saw more than a 50% reduction in our total injury rate from 2007 to 2011.
  • Situational Awareness techniques were deployed at many of our manufacturing sites within the first year with additional sites planning to do so by the end of 2012.