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Biopharma, Sales & Marketing

Our dedicated Biopharma, Sales and Marketing team is at the forefront of delivering innovative medicines and vaccines.  It is our job to take the incredible potential of our pipeline and bring it to the patients who need it. We know anything is possible and we are constantly reimagining the way we work so that we can achieve our purpose: breakthroughs that change patient’s lives. 

Our teams specialize in addressing the unique needs of patients. Together with our incredible physicians, we strive to make a real difference in their lives. We play a vital role in bridging the gap between Pfizer and the medical community. Our team ensures that our scientific and clinical information reaches the hands of physicians, healthcare professionals, providers, and most importantly, patients. 

At Pfizer, we strongly believe access to affordable and timely healthcare is a fundamental right for everyone, and we are the change-makers who work tirelessly to make it a reality. We forge partnerships across the world so that patients can access our life-changing medicines and vaccines when they need them most. 

We understand to truly impact patients' lives, we must simplify, be bold, and focus on what truly matters: improving their well-being and quality of life. Join us on this exciting journey as we explore new frontiers, look for innovative solutions to unmet medical needs and continue to launch and market new Pfizer products across the globe.