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Patients around the world rely on Pfizer medicines and vaccines to be made with precision, quality, and purpose — so we’ve built one of the most sophisticated supply chains in biopharma. Join our teams and transform your expertise into impact at scale.

Your expertise will be more than just an addition — it will be vital in delivering potential life-changing solutions for patients across the globe.

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At Pfizer, we’ve structured our compensation policies and practices so colleagues are rewarded based on the contributions they make to our business.

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We offer colleagues health and wellness programs that help them maintain and promote health and wellness. Depending on the country, these programs can include:

  • Health and disability insurance
  • Preventative health programs
  • Free or reduced-cost vaccinations
  • Discounts on Pfizer products
  • Nutrition and fitness counseling
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Depending on local customs and practices, Pfizer offers colleagues several benefits to help them meet their financial goals. These programs can include:

  • Access to colleague-directed retirement funds
  • Company contributions to retirement financial vehicles
  • Life insurance
  • Financial planning education
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We encourage you to grow your skills and explore opportunities at Pfizer. Our colleague-centric approach celebrates you and your strengths to offer the best opportunities so you can realize your full potential. Programs can include:

  • Experiential development opportunities
  • Non-linear career growth support
  • Job-rotation assignments
  • Pfizer Growth Universe
  • Pfizer Learning Academy

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“We know what it means to rely on medicines being delivered on time because we’ve been there. We understand that when it comes to someone’s health, every second counts. That makes us go the extra mile.”

Angel Perez,
Group Leader Distribution Center Operations

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Global PGS Map

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Manufacturing Sites


External Suppliers


Countries Reached


Pfizer Employees Worldwide

Pfizer is proud of its significant footprint in U.S. manufacturing

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Over nearly two centuries, we’ve transformed our manufacturing infrastructure, revolutionizing the way we operate to find new ways to grow, to become more efficient, and to innovate like never before.

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The highest standards for those with the highest expectations

From research and development to distribution, our hands are the last touchpoint in delivering medicines that can improve the quality of life for patients around the world.


Multiple Suppliers

We use multiple suppliers to minimize risk of supply interruptions of essential medicines.


Parallel Supply Chains

We’ve established parallel supply chains throughout the U.S. and Europe to manufacture our most critical vaccines.


Purposeful Overproduction

Our supply chain has built-in flexibility to support resiliency, extra inventory, an increased workforce, and multiple suppliers.


Product Quality and Safety

We aim to ensure that all Pfizer medicines and vaccines are made to our standards of quality, efficacy, and safety.


Powered by people

We promote inclusion and support individual and team growth through programs dedicated to fostering and retaining diverse talent, such as our Refugee Leadership Initiative, Breakthrough Fellowship Program, and entry-level rotational program. 

Our initiatives elevate our equitable and inclusive workforce.

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This is where you’ll make progress possible. Collaborate, learn, and innovate with first-class talent around the world.

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