Cambridge, UK

Pfizer Neusentis Unit

Neusentis, a Pfizer Research Unit: Neusentis, part of Pfizer Limited, consolidates Pfizer's Pain & Sensory Disorders and Regenerative Medicine units into a biotech like unit in Cambridge, UK. Over the past few years Pfizer has built world leading expertise in the field of ion channels. Neusentis scientists focus this expertise on developing new medicines across all forms of pain influenced by this mechanism. Additionally, they explore research opportunities across sensory disorders in which there is a strong mechanistic relationship to ion channels, such as auditory and visual disorders. With a number of potential medicines in the clinic the unit's colleagues are working hard to provide new therapies and treatment options for patients in pain.

Neusentis was established in April 2011 as a biotech-like unit combining research in pain, sensory disorders, and regenerative medicine.

Pfizer has world-leading expertise in the field of sodium channels and scientists at Neusentis apply this knowledge to develop new medicines across all forms of pain influenced by this mechanism. They also research auditory and visual disorders linked to ion channels, and pursue Pfizer's regenerative medicine portfolio, including the company's first stem cell clinical study, initiated in 2011 for patients with ulcerative colitis.

The name, location, and philosophy of Neusentis epitomize the future of drug discovery and development at Pfizer. It represents a team of scientists with endless curiosity and scientific courage working in partnership with academic researchers in Cambridge and around the globe to change the lives of patients suffering from pain, and other diseases and disorders for which there are no therapies or cures.

In November 2011 Neusentis acquired biopharmaceutical company Icagen. Researchers were integrated into Neusentis operations and continue to pursue the novel science that has been conducted since 2007 when Pfizer formed a collaboration with Icagen for the discovery, development and commercialization of compounds that modify three ion channels as new potential treatments for pain and related disorders. These ion channels are important in the generation of electrical signals in nerve fibers that mediate the initiation, transmission and sensation of pain. By selectively targeting these ion channels, Neusentis is seeking to develop effective treatments for serious pain disorders with fewer side effects.

Pfizer's Device Centre of Emphasis (DCoE)

Pfizer's Device Centre of Excellence specializes in the design and development of drug delivery devices, such as injectors or inhalers. The DCoE group based at Cambridge, UK is responsible for the design of new devices, along with the testing and industrialization. DCoE both develops internally and works with a wide array of external partners to achieve the optimum device design for Pfizer's drug delivery needs.