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Advancing Global Milestones

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Pfizer is committed to supporting comprehensive tobacco control measures to prevent the development of future generations of smokers, to encourage and enable smokers to quit, and to help former smokers remain smoke free

"The imbalance of health care around the world is astounding. The continent of Africa bears almost 25 percent of the global burden of disease yet has access to only 3 percent of its health workers and only 1 percent of its financial resources. We need more people, with and without medical skills, who are willing to commit their creative minds to address patients' needs."
Nanette Cocero President of Emerging Markets for Pfizer Innovative Health
"Even with the significant improvements observed across biomarker-driven non-small cell lung cancer, we are reminded every day of the great need for new treatment options that may benefit patients with these types of lung cancers"
Andrea Ferris President and CEO of LUNGevity

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