Susan Silbermann

Overcoming Bumps in the Road – Literally and Figuratively

Susan Silbermann, Global President, Vaccines, spoke at the 2018 Atlantic Festival about how Pfizer is working with global partners to accelerate access to vaccines - especially during the critical "last mile" delivery - to help protect those who need them the most.

"Vaccines are powerful. They can help save lives, eliminate and even eradicate disease, and protect future generations," said Silbermann. "We know there will be flat tires along the way, but we are committed to overcoming bumps in the road - literally and figuratively - to deliver life-saving vaccines to people who need them most."

The Atlantic Festival, held in Washington D.C., brings together the nation's biggest thinkers and leaders in politics, business, health, science, technology, arts, culture, and journalism to tackle the most significant issues facing our time.

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