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Prioritizing Preventive Care and CDC-Recommended Immunizations With Baby Checkups Count

Baby Checkups Count™ is a new public health campaign that encourages parents to take their baby to every American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)-recommended checkup and keep their baby up-to-date on all vaccinations recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) between birth and age two.

Research shows that parents prioritize taking their baby to a doctor when they're sick, but may miss a regular checkup, not realizing how essential it is for their baby's overall health. Missing scheduled baby checkups is the number one reason for missing important CDC-recommended pediatric vaccinations that can help protect babies against potentially life-threatening diseases. That's why Pfizer launched Baby Checkups Count™, a public health awareness campaign to emphasize the importance of preventive care, encouraging new parents to ensure their baby attends every AAP-recommended checkup and stays up-to-date on all CDC-recommended vaccinations between birth and age two. The digital and social media campaign offers resources and tools for new parents on the many benefits of regular baby checkups.

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