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    get ideas for
    Ideas for new products come from our own in-house research groups, from alliance partners, and from customers and payers. We have a number of ways that we compensate companies or universities that provide ideas for new medicines or vaccines—these include making co-marketing arrangements, purchasing the idea through a licensing agreement, or even trading one idea for another. Click for more information >
  • slideshow background Question 2 What are diseases of the developing world and how does Pfizer
    help treat them?
    These diseases predominantly affect patients living in the developing world. Pfizer is actively conducting research on them and is opening up our compound library to external groups pursuing treatments and cures. We are partners with other companies, with governments, and with NGOs and MLOs, in a number of large, multi-year programs, such as the International Trachoma Initiative, to slow or even eradicate these diseases. Click here for more information on Diseases of the Developing World > Click here for more information about our Research & Development efforts >
  • slideshow background Question 3 Where does Pfizer conduct clinical trials? Pfizer conducts clinical trials globally, as our medicines and vaccines are used worldwide. All of our clinical trials are done to top standards through thoroughly trained, independent clinicians who are experts in executing clinical trials. Click for more information >
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    make certain our
    medicines are safe?
    Drug safety is well integrated into every job at Pfizer, especially those involving research, development, clinical trials, production, distribution and sales. In addition, Pfizer has thousands of people directly involved in quality assurance, regulatory compliance, safety strategy and operations, and manufacturing quality control, overseeing all aspects of safety and making sure that our products meet stringent quality standards from the time they are researched until they are dispensed and afterwards. Click for more information >
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    manufacture its
    Pfizer has more than 75 production facilities around the world, all of which meet FDA standards for production. In addition, we manage a supply network that extends beyond our facilities to carefully selected suppliers who, again, meet all applicable standards and undergo thorough inspection and quality assurance procedures. Click for more information >
  • slideshow background Question 6 What is Pfizer doing to improve access to medicines for patients who cannot afford them? Pfizer works in partnership and invests in programs around the world to help advance a strategic, coordinated approach to improve access to medicines and health care for underserved patients. In the U.S., our family of patient assistance programs, Pfizer Helpful Answers, provide medicines free or at a savings to patients who qualify. Click for more information >
  • slideshow background Question 7 Why does Pfizer report payments to physicians and other
    health care providers
    in the U.S.?
    Pfizer fairly compensates health care providers who provide services to Pfizer, such as the execution of clinical trials, or helping educate other health care providers on the science of our medicines. In the U.S. we report these transactions in the interest of providing transparency about payments made and received. We do not pay physicians to prescribe our products. Click for more information >


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