Communicating Safety

We empower patients, their caregivers and the public with up-to-date, meaningful information—clearly explaining the benefits, risks and proper use of our medicines—to drive the best possible patient outcomes.

Pfizer's External Medical Communications team has hundreds of medical professionals standing ready to discuss with doctors and other licensed prescribers how our medicines are properly prescribed, and to answer questions about their risk and benefit profiles. and Pfizer Medical, both available exclusively to prescribers, provide extensive information on Pfizer medicines and an array of patient support resources, including patient assistance programs.

The Pfizer Medicine Safety Education website shows how a medicine's safety profile is determined, monitored and communicated. It includes a direct link to MedWatch, the U.S. FDA's Safety Information and Adverse Event reporting program.


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Counterfeit and

Counterfeit medicines are relatively easy to make and pose a serious public health risk. Pfizer has taken a leadership position among pharmaceutical companies to protect patients, working in close coordination with many national authorities and multinational coalitions to fight the counterfeiting of medicines. Our partnerships with enforcement authorities are key to our progress.

We are also experimenting with direct-to-consumer models that reduce the possibility of counterfeit medicines entering legitimate supply channels, including pilot programs to give patients a trusted online alternative source for medicines such as Viagra, the most counterfeited medicine in the world.


Counterfeit Doses of Pfizer Medicines Seized Since 2004

1 in 2

Odds of Receiving a Counterfeit Medicine When Ordering from a “Rogue” Pharmacy—One Concealing Its True Location

106 countries

Countries Where Counterfeit Pfizer Drugs Have Been Found

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Cost to Authorities to Test Suspected Pfizer Products