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Privacy Principles

Pfizer believes that privacy is a fundamental right. 

Personal data is at the core of scientific and medical innovation, and your personal health data can play a critical role in helping you and your care team manage your health and make informed health decisions. We understand the sensitivity of information about your health. 
When you entrust us with your personal data, you can expect that we will act ethically and responsibly. In fact, we have established the following principles to help ensure your personal data is used appropriately and protected:


We respect your privacy and your rights to make choices about the collection, use and sharing of your personal data.


We believe in being transparent about our use of personal data. We want you to understand what personal data we collect, why we collect that data and how that data may be used. 

Appropriate Use.

We are thoughtful about the type and amount of personal data we collect and the ways we use your personal data to improve health and to advance breakthroughs that change patients’ lives. We believe in using data in ways that you would expect, consistent with our principles of Respect and Transparency.


We believe that safeguarding data is essential to respecting privacy. We maintain technical and organizational controls designed to prevent the unauthorized access to or use of your personal data.



Our privacy notices are an important part of our approach to transparency. Privacy notices applicable to certain of our products and services are listed below.

UK and EEA websites 
UK and EEA Health Care Professionals
UK and EEA Medical Information, Product Complaints and Drug Safety
US websites 
If you have questions about privacy at Pfizer, please contact us by emailing the Privacy Office, or write to the following address:
Pfizer Inc.
Privacy Office
66 Hudson Boulevard East
New York, NY 10001