Sharply Focused on Customer Needs

Pfizer is firmly focused on the needs of customers, starting with patients and extending to all key stakeholders. Two Research and Development groups discover prescription medicines and vaccines and develop them until "proof of concept." A promising product is then transferred to one of five groups within Pfizer Worldwide Biopharmaceutical Businesses, which works to prove the new product in the clinic, obtain regulatory approvals, launch it and manage it through its life cycle.

Pfizer Diversified Businesses serves those who use our consumer health care products, nutritionals, animal health products, and capsules for medicines and dietary supplements.

Pfizer Global Manufacturing anchors all our groups with state-of-the-art production services and a secure, efficient supply chain. Enabling Functions advance a range of business goals, including strong financial controls, strict compliance, and wide-ranging engagement with colleagues, business partners and the public.