In Serving Our Stakeholders
  • Our Commitments

    In 2009 Pfizer adopted a series of commitments that are both aspirational and achievable. These commitments demonstrate how we can serve the world's health needs in ways that are unique to our company. Our commitments are to:

    • Advance wellness, prevention, treatments and cures;
    • Bring the best scientific minds together to challenge the most feared diseases of our time;
    • Set the standard for quality, safety and value of medicines;
    • Use our global presence and scale to make a difference in local communities and the world around us;
    • Promote curiosity, inclusion and a passion for our work;
    • Be a leading voice for improving everyone's ability to have reliable and affordable health care; and
    • Maximize our financial performance so that we can meet our commitments to all who rely on us.

    On its own, each commitment can advance the world's health and wellness. Taken together, these commitments give us the framework for transforming health care as we know it today.

  • Emerging Markets in Focus

    The rapid integration of operations following the Wyeth acquisition is putting Pfizer's greater diversity and scale to work. This includes additional expansion into emerging markets, the fastest-growing segment of the global pharmaceutical business. The addition of Wyeth assets has solidified our leadership in Asia and Latin America and enhanced our presence in China, where we have now expanded operations into more than 170 cities. In our research, we are targeting diseases of the developing world and working with many partners to develop socially responsible, sustainable and commercially viable health care solutions.

  • Meeting Specialized Needs

    Capsugel, part of Pfizer Diversified Businesses, is the world leader in providing empty hard capsules to makers of medicines, vitamins and dietary supplements. An innovator in new drug delivery technologies, Capsugel faced a market need: capsules to satisfy everyone's dietary and cultural requirements. Enter Vcaps capsules—two-piece capsules formulated from plant matter and suitable for vegetarians. Starch-free, gluten-free, preservative-free, and kosher and halal certified, Vcaps run smoothly on high-speed and semi-automatic filling machines and are produced to the same standards that have made the Capsugel name synonymous with exceptional quality.

  • Optimizing the Manufacturing and Supply Chain

    To optimize Pfizer's manufacturing and supply chain, we are continuing to develop a competitive "make or buy" supply network. Recognizing that risks increase with a greater dependence on outside vendors, Pfizer has put into place a comprehensive supplier oversight system to ensure quality, as well as good environmental, health and safety (EHS) systems and practices. Assessments of EHS conditions at our suppliers help us manage business continuity, liability and reputational risks and ensure that supply decisions align with Pfizer's values. During the last five years of our EHS assessment program, we have conducted onsite inspections at more than 400 new or existing supplier facilities. Pfizer is also committed to helping suppliers improve EHS competencies through training workshops and coaching sessions.

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  • Counterfeit Rings Stopped at the Source

    Protecting the integrity of our medicines is of paramount importance to us. That's why we've taken a leadership position among pharmaceutical companies to protect consumers of our medicines from the dangers posed by counterfeits. During 2009, authorities from 45 countries reported seizing almost 11.1 million counterfeit dosages of Pfizer medicines. Many of these seizures were the result of evidence obtained by Pfizer Global Security colleagues and then referred to authorities for their action. The seizures were the result of 285 raids, a 37.7 percent increase over 2008, and resulted in 625 arrests, a 30.9 percent increase.

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