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    DENNIS A. AUSIELLO, M.D. (2,4,5,6) Physician-in-Chief
    Massachusetts General Hospital
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    M. ANTHONY BURNS (1,2,4,6) Chairman Emeritus
    Ryder System, Inc.
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    W. DON CORNWELL (2,3,5,6) Founder and Retired Chairman and CEO
    Granite Broadcasting Corporation
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    FRANCES D. FERGUSSON, Ph.D. (3,5,6) President Emeritus
    Vasser College
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    WILLIAM H. GRAY III (4,6) Chairman
    Gray Global Strategies, Inc.
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    HELEN H. HOBBS, M.D. (4,5,6) Investigator
    Howard Hughes Medical Institute
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    CONSTANCE J. HORNER (1,4,5,6) Former Assistant to the President of
    the United States and Director
    of Presidential Personnel
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    JAMES M. KILTS (3,6) Founding Partner
    Centerview Capital
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    GEORGE A. LORCH (7) Chairman Emeritus
    Armstrong Holdings, Inc.
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    JOHN P. MASCOTTE* (4,5,6) Retired President and CEO
    Blue Cross and Blue Shield
    of Kansas City, Inc.
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    SUZANNE NORA JOHNSON (2,3,6) Retired Vice Chairman
    The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
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    IAN C. READ (1) Chairman of the Board and CEO
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    STEPHEN W. SANGER (2,4,6) Retired Chairman and CEO
    General Mills
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    MARC TESSIER-LAVIGNE, Ph.D. (5,6) President
    Rockefeller University
  • (1) Executive Committee
  • (2) Audit Committee
  • (3) Compensation Committee
  • (4) Corporate Governance Committee
  • (5) Regulatory and Compliance Committee
  • (6) Science and Technology Committee
  • (7) Lead Independent Director
  • * Will retire as a Board Member effective as of the April 2013 Annual Meeting