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Pfizer has an active program to assess and address the issues associated with pharmaceuticals in the environment. We help to educate patients on the proper disposal of medicines, and we participate in product take-back programs in locations that operate them. To aid U.S. hospitals and health care clinics on responsible disposal of unused medicines, Pfizer, in collaboration with Waste Management, introduced an online guide listing disposal information for our products—a first in the industry.

For more on our approach to pharmaceuticals in the environment, see here or go directly to Pfizer's Position Statement on the topic and to the Pfizer Responsible Disposal Advisor.

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People at all levels of our company are involved with managing environmental risk and liabilities, beginning with oversight by the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors, governance by our Environmental Sustainability Council, and execution through teams at each of our major sites.

For more information on our environment, health and safety program, including compliance and environmental remediation, please see