Ensuring Integrity
in Clinical Trials

We work to help ensure that all our clinical trials, wherever they take place, are conducted to the same high ethical standards and comply with applicable local laws and federal regulations to ensure the rights and welfare of our clinical trial participants around the world are fully protected. We recently re-engineered our clinical trial process to further enhance our capabilities in these areas, in particular by implementing quality management principles (such as quality by design) into these processes, and our vigilance and oversight of contract research organization partners and clinical trial physician investigators, who are actively involved in the development of our new medicines. As part of this quality process, we conduct inspections of these sites and studies to help ensure patient safety, data integrity, protocal adherence and regulatory compliance.

Clinical Innovation Roadmap

We launched Clinical Innovation in 2011 to provide focus and discipline in our initiatives to reverse the increasing time, cost and complexity of clinical trials across the industry. As an early mover defining the field, we are

positioned as a leader driving the re-invention of clinical research for Pfizer and the R&D ecosystem.

Our vision for that ecosystem includes research participation made easier for patients and providers, enabling every health care interaction to serve as an opportunity to inform our medical product development.

Pfizer Clinical Innovation develops, tests and scales new approaches to understand the efficacy and safety of our investigational medicines, drawing from tools such as mobile health, social media and health information technology. Clinical Innovation also leads collaborations with other stakeholders to work together to fix shared clinical research challenges. Collaboration examples include: TransCelerate BioPharma, a novel partnership of 10 major biopharmaceutical companies developing shared solutions, and the Partnership to Advance Clinical Electronic Research, an initiative aligning pharmaceutical companies with New York-based medical centers to improve the use of electronic health records in clinical research.