Fostering Colleague Engagement

We consider our employees to be "colleagues"—partners in how Pfizer does business and moves ahead. We believe our colleagues should be fully engaged in the work of the company. Engaged colleagues are successful colleagues, and we go the extra mile to engage colleagues.

Colleague engagement begins with clear, frequent communication on how the business is developing and how challenges are being met and overcome. This helps us to foster a collegial workplace and encourage commitment to the business in the interest of improving retention rates, performance and collaborative success.

Company-wide "town halls" conducted by the CEO and executive leaders follow each quarterly report on our financial performance, providing an opportunity to explain how business strategies are being implemented and to detail how investors are responding to Pfizer's financial reporting. Conducted by webcast, these meetings also provide a forum for our executives to answer questions directly from colleagues around the world.

We maintain a robust intranet, PfizerWorld, that keeps colleagues informed of accomplishments and challenges across our global enterprise, blending external and internal news sources and providing executive viewpoints, colleague profiles, forums and channels for feedback to every employee.

We communicate our stated values in many ways, including through annual testing and training relating to Pfizer's Code of Business Conduct.

We measure our progress through an annual global colleague survey designed to measure both engagement and inclusion. This survey is conducted in 29 languages, is designed to ensure confidentiality, and allows us to compare our performance with those of best-performing companies. We have made steady progress in both colleague engagement and inclusion over the past four years that the survey has been implemented. As a response to survey feedback, we have placed increased focus on talent development for senior leaders, managers and colleagues, a new platform for idea generation and development, and a colleague-driven forum for networking.