Health and Safety

Our people are our most important asset and ensuring their good health is a top priority. Clearly aligned with our purpose, we aim to provide a safe and healthy work environment for every colleague, contractor and visitor to our facilities. We have active community outreach programs, which include education and health promotion.

Pfizer has a set of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) standards and practices designed to protect the health and safety of people at our facilities and of the communities in which we operate. We require our commercial, manufacturing and R&D facilities to have proactive health and safety programs targeted at the specific needs of the business operation.

Over the past three years we have actively improved health and safety performance, reducing our injury and illness rates by 40 percent. We continue to reduce the number of injuries.

Recognizing that one of the highest risk areas relates to motor vehicle accidents in our sales and marketing organization, a key area of focus has been global fleet safety. Since Pfizer's launch and implementation of the fleet safety program in the U.S., we have seen a significant reduction in the number of motor vehicle accidents and associated injuries. Building on the success of this program, we are rolling out similar fleet safety programs across the globe.

We have strict controls to ensure our work with chemical and biologic materials is well managed to protect human health and the environment. We use the outcomes from risk assessments to identify and apply risk mitigation strategies to assure workplace safety at every stage of production, research and development, manufacture and disposal.


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