Talent Development

We manage the development of our talent in a differentiated and targeted manner aligned with our business strategy and this ensures we are able to attract and retain the right talent to meet business needs. We challenge every colleague to discover new ways to learn, perform and grow, and to create his or her own unique experience along our shared Path Forward.

The Pfizer Senior Leader Excellence Profile, or PSLEP, is a Pfizer-specific definition of leadership that aligns with our business strategies and imperatives. Through PSLEP, we are reinforcing and developing a "general manager" mind-set among our leaders, moving far beyond functional, silo-driven experience, views and approaches. To ensure the spirit of this framework is embodied in the behaviors of our leaders, PSLEP is threaded through a comprehensive strategy for building senior leader capability that includes assessment and development solutions designed to help our senior leaders lead our organization and industry.

In 2010 all of the Executive Leadership Team and most of the Senior Leader Committee have attended Pfizer Senior Leader Experience (PSLE). PSLE is an intensive, three-day leader experience that provides participants an opportunity to explore shifts of paradigm facing Pfizer and our industry, as well as heighten their awareness of their leadership style and impact. A core segment of this program focuses participants on the complex challenges of simultaneously maximizing efficiency in the company's existing, defined organizational units; managing businesses and functions in transition due to changes in distribution, technology, globalization, deregulation or other factors; and creating entirely new business opportunities.

The Path Forward Executive Business Challenge, a three-day, computer-based business simulation, gives Pfizer's senior leaders and emerging senior leaders hands-on experience in heading and operating a pharmaceutical business. During this dynamic, team-based, competitive program, participants build financial and business acumen by analyzing vast amounts of data, clarifying key issues in complex situations and making the critical decisions required to successfully run a virtual pharmaceutical company.

PSLE and the Path Forward Executive Business Challenge are integral elements of our Senior Leader strategy, and are a foundation on which we can continue to expand and enhance the capability of our senior leaders through new experiences, programs and resources that reflect changing market and industry dynamics.