Annual Review 2014
Annual Review 2014

Culture Matters:
Building on Our OWNIT! Culture

Pfizer's OWNIT! culture seeks to empower all colleagues to try new things, invest in candid conversations, build collaborative relationships, address corrosive behaviors and deliver on commitments. In 2014, we continued to transform our culture by strengthening the foundational elements of straight talk and straight listening, and equipping colleagues with ways to thrive in change and take thoughtful risks to innovate.

Change is often the catalyst behind innovation. We want every colleague to see and appreciate the opportunities presented by change, and then try something new, think differently and strive for the best business outcome.
Tanya Clemons
Senior Vice President, Chief Talent Officer &
Worldwide Research and Development
Human Resources Lead
I truly believe the work we do at Pfizer makes a difference for patients like me.
Theresa De Salvo-Gable
Pfizer Colleague
ALIM Data/Document Manager
Artwork & Labeling Implementation Management (ALIM);
WSR-Intl & Global Product Info
Psoriasis Patient

Thriving in Change

We started 2014 with a focus on thriving in change as the next step in creating and strengthening an ownership culture. Becoming a change-agile organization is a business necessity, requiring all colleagues to be comfortable with complexity and uncertainty, able to deliver results under changing conditions, and have the capacity to respond to and manage new challenges as they arise. Efforts have focused on helping our colleagues become increasingly resilient, learn through their experiences, take thoughtful risks, and enhance their capacity not only to manage change but to ignite change that leads to increased business performance.

Q: Why do you work at Pfizer?
Laurie Olson
Strategy, Portfolio,
and Commercial Operations

On our second annual OWNIT! day, colleagues attended a workshop that introduced participants to a Thriving in Change framework and tips for managing change.

Dare to Try Embraced by Colleagues Worldwide

Pfizer's Dare to Try initiative gives colleagues a clear methodology to develop new ideas, take thoughtful risk through experimentation, and ignite change. As an example of the program's scope and impact, Global Innovative Pharma colleagues have initiated more than 70 Dare to Try experiments worldwide to try to bring new solutions to some of our biggest business challenges.

Dare to Try workshop video with several colleague perspectives

Talent Matters:
Finding the Best Talent

Having the right colleagues in the right positions at the right time begins with identifying and attracting highly qualified talent. Pfizer's Talent Acquisition team has built a robust and effective talent brand that reaches career seekers in all regions of the world.

When You're One of the Best,
the Best Talent Finds You
  • Named to the Hay Group's prestigious 2014 Best Companies for Leadership

  • Named a top employer in South Africa for 2015, with First in Industry in the pharmaceutical category for the fourth consecutive year, by the Top Employers Institute

  • In 2014, LinkedIn put Pfizer at number 17 on its yearly list of 100 Most InDemand Employers

  • Recognized as one of the best companies to work for in Brazil, according to Você S.A. Magazine's ranking developed in collaboration with Fundação Instituto de Administração da Universidade de São Paulo

  • Recognized as a Best Place to Work by the Taipei City Government, Department of Labor, Taiwan

  • Listed as one of The Most Admired Companies in Turkey by Bloomberg Businessweek

  • Named Employer of the Year by Platinum Ounce, an independent ceremony highlighting the best of the best in the Russian pharmaceutical industry

  • Named Ideal Employer in China for the third consecutive year, in a student survey conducted by the China Daily newspaper and Universum, a global company specializing in employer branding

  • Recognized as Top Employer in China for the third year in a row by the Corporate Research Foundation

  • Awarded 1st Place in the category of Pharmaceutical Companies in Greece, and 2nd Place in the category of Companies with over 250 employees in Greece in the Best Workplaces 2014 competition

Pfizer Hosts Symposium on Jobs for Vets

Pfizer believes strongly in the tremendous potential presented by armed forces veterans. Our job symposium for U.S. veterans brought together representatives from the military, veteran organizations, pharmaceutical companies, nonprofits and Senator Pat Toomey. Ideas were raised, workstreams were formed and action plans were developed to achieve one important goal: increase employment opportunities for America's veterans.

Performance Matters:
Instilling Sense of Ownership through Performance Management

We completely overhauled our performance management and bonus processes in 2014. In the old process, the totality of a colleague's performance for the year was expressed as a single label, e.g., Meets Expectations, Exceeds Expectations. To connect rewards with business success and further drive our ownership culture, we replaced labels with an emphasis on frequent, robust feedback and direction on how to align compensation with actual performance. In 2015, we are extending our Global Performance Plan to all salaried, non-overtime-eligible colleagues in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

Leadership Matters: Developing Leaders with Global Outlook

In 2014, Pfizer launched a rigorous leadership development program called Chairman's Challenge. The year-long program exposed twelve senior leaders to a variety of developmental activities, including action learning immersion projects with an NGO partner in an emerging market. These senior leaders were actively supported by our CEO and his leadership team.

Diversity Matters:
Developing Diverse Talent to Help Drive Business Results

Building a diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace expands access to innovative ideas and global markets and helps us to earn respect from society.

Throughout our enterprise we have seven Pfizer Colleague Councils (PCCs) and more than 90 regional and local business resource networks of colleagues that inform and implement strategies and initiatives that align with Pfizer's business imperatives. These groups, aligned to Veterans, Asians, Blacks, Latinos, LGBTA, Women, and people with disabilities and caregivers, work to expand access to diverse talent pools to engage, develop and retain diverse talent and advance Pfizer's business.

Our LIFT (Leadership Investment for Tomorrow) program shows how diversity and inclusion and talent development efforts can translate into business success. In the 18-month, high potential development program for diverse talent, each community cohort (i.e., women, Asian, Black and Latino) completes a high impact action learning project. One such project involved research on how underserved communities experience symptoms of disease and view medicines that alleviate those symptoms. This led to the Step on Up campaign, featuring Cedric the Entertainer, to introduce Lyrica® to the African American community for the relief of diabetic nerve pain.

Thelma Haylock
Business Services
Working as part of the LIFT team with the Lyrica project was truly an opportunity to expand my thinking and capabilities in new and challenging ways. This work was important not only to our business, but also to the Black and Latino communities suffering with pDPN. Additionally, it's exciting to see our collaborative work, such as the U.S.-based unbranded public service announcements featuring comedic icon Cedric the Entertainer, launch in the marketplace.

Health and Safety

Health and safety remain integral parts of Pfizer's broad environmental and workforce sustainability strategy, focused on keeping our colleagues healthy, engaged and productive.

Our health and safety program directly connects with our ownership culture, engaging colleagues in work place safety. The program is well-established, built on risk assessment and control, and driven by Pfizer leaders.

We see value in doing more to enhance employee health, and have established employee wellness programs in several countries where we operate. In the U.S., the Healthy Pfizer wellness program has integrated elements of our Get Old outreach campaign, highlighting actions colleagues can take to support healthy aging, and our annual Health Questionnaires have shown that our colleagues' health risks are being reduced over time as individuals make healthier choices.

For further information, please see our Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) policy statement and related materials at

Injuries Per 100 Colleagues
Total Injury Rate Total injury rate in 2014 was 1%
lower than in 2013.
Joris De Maeyer
Director EHS & Site Services
Pfizer Manufacturing Puurs Belgium
I believe the integration of environmental, health and safety principles in our daily operations is essential in the production of our lifesaving medicines here at the Puurs Manufacturing site. Ensuring colleagues get home safely to their family and friends, every single day, is our ultimate goal.