Annual Review 2014
Annual Review 2014

Sustaining a Responsible, Responsive
and Respected Global Supply Network

Pfizer Global Supply's goals are to supply quality products to patients that significantly improve their lives, and to ensure these products are available when needed. Pfizer's global supply network has consistent high standards for quality, safety and environmental protection; provides fast, flexible solutions across the full manufacturing and supply chain spectrum; and delivers safe, effective medicines around the world.

In our global manufacturing, within our distribution network and in our work with external partners, we produce and distribute active ingredients, technically complex formulations, packaging and entire lines of medicines that meet exacting standards for quality and effectiveness.

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To fulfill its commitment to patients and other consumers, Pfizer places the highest priority on the safety, efficacy and reliability of our products, the quality of data supporting regulatory submissions and the quality of interactions with our stakeholders. Our quality management systems and processes drive quality-focused behaviors and ensure decision making based on what is best for patient and consumer safety, product quality, and Pfizer's reputation and business.

OWNing Quality video on how quality fosters trust and ensures patient safety

Min Jeremy Hua
COQA Manager Quality
We make difficult and tough choices every day in PGS, however, compromising quality and compliance is NOT an option. It is a part of our value proposition and, for me, the work is all about quality.
Q: How can I trust the quality of Pfizer medicines and vaccines?
George Walden
Pfizer Global Supply

Supply Chain Management

Our end-to-end supply chain is designed to align inventory and supply chain planning, transportation management, temperature control management, logistics and logistics security, environmental health and safety, dangerous goods compliance, global trade compliance and trade management. It also supports business continuity and proactive issue identification and resolution.

Pfizer is an industry-recognized leader in supply chain security. Our dedicated security program encompasses every part of the manufacturing and delivery process, starting with the procurement of raw materials and continuing through to the delivery of product to the point of dispensation to our customers. Our serialization program is designed for additional control and authentication across the supply chain while our trade programs manage partnerships with our distributors to help protect our products and ensure integrity.

Pfizer is committed to responsible supply chain management and holds all manufacturing and supply partners to high standards of excellence. We partner with external suppliers who are committed to operating their businesses in a responsible and ethical manner, respecting the rights of the individuals they employ and helping to protect the environment. Pfizer strongly encourages its supply partners to support our Supplier Conduct Principles or adopt their own codes with expectations similar to ours. In 2014, Pfizer's Supply Chain Security Program launched capability building teams in China, working with local colleagues to ensure risk mitigation strategies and to help protect patient safety.

Megan Coatesworth
Senior Manager
Supply Chain Security
When patients take one of our medicines, they trust it's a safe and authentic Pfizer product. Behind the scenes, we're monitoring medicines through every step of the supply chain. We're making sure medicines are kept safe and things people may not think about — the impact of a natural disaster on our shipping processes, the risks of theft or counterfeit products — aren't their concern, they're ours. And we take that very seriously.

EHS in the Supply Chain

Pfizer operates within a framework of principles aligned with ethical, social and environmental responsibilities to help ensure the sustainability of our business and the communities in which we operate. To that end, our external supply team oversees efforts to help ensure that our chemical and biological product suppliers manage environment, health and safety risks.

Our Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) team performs risk-based reviews of chemical and biological product suppliers to ensure effective management of risk. We have made considerable progress over the years through these reviews, and now focus our site assessments on newer suppliers and on reducing the risk at a select number of suppliers who can most benefit from our expertise.

We help our suppliers ensure that our Supplier Conduct Principles are executed, and partner with them to reduce environmental impact. We participate in industry-wide trade associations such as the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative (PSCI). We also help build supplier capacity and competencies through EHS training academies, and partner with the Institute of Sustainable Communities (ISC), an organization committed to advancing sustainability in developing countries through education and training.

We are the only pharmaceutical company that is a member of ISC. Through ISC, we collaborate with other major global companies such as GE, Apple and Walmart, as well as USAID, and recently helped ISC build an EHS Academy, affiliated with Nanjing University, in Jiangsu Province, China. Pfizer contributed financial support and continues to provide technical expertise (training materials specific to our sector) and leadership on the ISC Steering Committee.

Marlene Mendonca
Global EHS
Regional Lead
Latin America
I manage environment, health and safety issues at work by connecting them with Pfizer's purpose. It is all about people and their well-being. I have it in my heart and that's what drives me every day.

Capacity Building for Suppliers in China

In September of 2014, the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative (PSCI) and Institute of Sustainable Communities (ISC) hosted the Business with Balance — Working towards a Better Workplace conference for the pharmaceutical supplier base in China, held in Suzhou, China. Approximately 150 managers from 55 Chinese plants attended. Speakers included Dr. Jifu Gao, China Leader for Pfizer Manufacturing. The event fully achieved its primary objectives — a general overview of the PSCI Supply Principles, focused EHS training and partnership in a first-time collaboration with PSCI and ISC. Pfizer played a key role on several levels, leveraging our respective partnerships with both PSCI and ISC.