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menopause: unmuted is a podcast series exploring first-hand experiences of this life stage. Honest, hopeful and life affirming, the podcast features women talking candidly about their menopause, and its impact on relationships, friends, family, and work. For some women menopause can be tough, and for others it’s a time of liberation. Each episode shares deeply personal accounts of the different emotional and physical symptoms experienced. Often funny, always forthright, these women offer us inspiration and insight. Leading women’s health expert Dr. Mary Jane Minkin hosts the podcast. Listening in, she provides an expert perspective, busting myths and offering evidence-based advice. menopause: unmuted is designed to raise awareness, encourage communication, and share information. It is not designed to provide medical advice or promote or recommend any treatment option. Podcast powered by Pfizer.




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A practicing obstetrician gynecologist and Professor at Yale University School of Medicine, Dr. Mary Jane Minkin is the host of menopause: unmuted podcast series. She provides insightful commentary, context and guidance throughout each of the personal accounts of menopause shared in every episode. With a career dedicated to women’s health, Dr. Minkin is single-minded in her bid to get women talking about menopause. She champions the benefits of sharing worries and concerns about menopause with family, friends, co-workers and health care professionals.     
Dr. Minkin’s expertise is trusted among the media and the medical community. She is Web MD’s menopause expert; advisor to leading women’s health groups; columnist for US healthy lifestyle magazine; author of books including ‘A Woman’s Guide to Menopause and Perimenopause’ and blogs as ‘Madame Ovary’. She is also a leading academic and researcher, author of multiple peer-reviewed medical articles. In 2018 the North American Menopause Society (NAMS) presented Dr. Minkin with the Leon Speroff Outstanding Educator Award, recognizing excellence in menopause-related education of clinicians or the general public.

This podcast is powered by Pfizer. The information, statements, comments, views and opinions expressed by those guests featured in this podcast are their own and not necessarily representative of the views and opinions of Pfizer Inc.