Our success depends on our people and the extent to which we build and sustain a culture of opportunity, accountability and inclusion. It is our responsibility to recognize and develop talent to its fullest potential.

Our purpose is critical to human health and well-being, and we recognize that Pfizer must always be among the world's best places to work, in order to accomplish our ambitious business strategies. We provide the programs and policies to support our organizational effectiveness. We develop tools and solutions focused on everything from attracting the best talent to learning and development, from career management and talent planning to diversity and inclusion.

We have undertaken a number of initiatives to improve employee engagement because engaged colleagues are not only better for our business but also derive more satisfaction from their work. In particular, we recognize that when our managers are competent, accountable and engaged, the results they achieve with their team members improve colleague engagement, which boosts our productivity, profitability, retention, safety and customer loyalty. That's why we turned considerable attention and resources toward strengthening this critical population of leaders and made 2010 "The Year of Engaging the Manager" at Pfizer. We are actively building the reputation of a company that has great managers. We also understand the fundamental value of diversity and inclusion to our ability to innovate, and we have made a commitment to be a leader in this area.