Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement provides us with valuable insight about expectations for our performance, helps us to understand more clearly the impact of our business approach and improves our ability to make sustainable, beneficial change. In addition, through a comprehensive commitment to stakeholder engagement, we are better able to monitor trends and emerging issues that may impact our patients and our business.

Very often, we find that our goals for a sustainable future do not differ from those of our stakeholders. In fact, our general goals are the same—improved global health and prosperity. Our stakeholder model recognizes this inherent interconnectedness of the goals of Pfizer and our stakeholders. Instead of working with stakeholders transaction by transaction, we seek a more collaborative approach with key stakeholders in addressing important social and environmental issues.

We regularly engage with our patients, customers, investors, employees, suppliers, business partners and other stakeholders around the world. Much of this engagement occurs through the regular course of business. Oftentimes, Pfizer works with stakeholders to gain their insight on specific issues of importance to us and to our industry. We engage our stakeholders through strategic partnerships on strategies that can improve health outcomes and create sustainable changes in the ways health care is delivered. We worked with stakeholders to inform the development of this report. We gained insight through multiple interactions with our investors, large and small, representing a spectrum of viewpoints.