Health and Wellness

Our scope and reach encompass all stages of life—from infancy through the golden years, from human health and well-being to animal husbandry, from neglected diseases to scourges of modern life like cancer, pain, diabetes and heart disease.

We have been a leader in prescription medicines since our founding 160 years ago. Now we are also a global force in vaccines, consumer health care, infant nutrition and animal health. We aim to meet the full range of human need and help people around the world take control of, and manage, their health and well-being.

In the consumer marketplace, we keep finding new ways for our trusted remedies to bring comfort and support, such as the recently released Advil Congestion Relief and Caltrate Softchews, while Children's Advil and Centrum Ultra have risen to the top of their markets. Our nutrition line fills the gaps for children who need it, with new eye-health formulations and a new line for toddlers.

Perhaps the most significant news of 2010—certainly for children's health—has been our launch of Prevenar 13 (known as Prevnar 13 in the U.S.) which is once again revolutionizing child vaccines and had gained approval in 80 countries by year end.