Diversified Businesses

Pfizer's Diversified Businesses consist of four distinct business units: Animal Health, Consumer Healthcare, Nutrition and Capsugel, which produces capsules for medicines and dietary supplements. Each business unit is responsible for meeting and anticipating customer needs with innovative, meaningful products that advance health and well-being.

Animal Health


  • Convenia
  • Excenel
  • Improvac/ Vivax
  • Revolution/ Stronghold
  • West Nile Innovator

We are a world leader in the discovery, development and manufacture of innovative animal vaccines and medicines. We are working to ensure a safe, sustainable global food supply from healthy beef and dairy cattle, pigs, poultry and fish—while helping companion animals and horses live longer, healthier lives. Our portfolio includes many of the world's leading veterinary brands in pharmaceuticals and biologicals, complemented by innovative immunodiagnostic products and matched by a range of animal health services for veterinarians.

Notable milestones made 2010 a transformational year, strengthening our capacity to provide comprehensive animal health solutions. Completing the integration of Wyeth/Fort Dodge Animal Health enabled us to better serve veterinarians with a wider range of solutions in anti-infectives, parasiticides and biologicals, and strengthened our growing presence in key emerging markets, such as Latin America and Asia.

Three acquisitions facilitated our entry into new, important areas of animal health. We entered the rapidly growing aquaculture (fish farming) sector with the integration of Microtek International, a leading researcher, developer and manufacturer of vaccines, diagnostics and health monitoring services for global aquaculture. The acquisition of Synbiotics Corporation brought us a world-class portfolio of immunodiagnostics to detect viral-related diseases in livestock and companion animals. Vetnex, the largest generic animal health company in India, became part of Pfizer Animal Health, creating a platform on which to build a portfolio of generic animal health medicines which will include low-cost alternatives for veterinarians and producers in developing and emerging markets.

We entered into several strategic partnerships with centers of excellence in veterinary medicine and research worldwide, which affirmed our commitment to innovation. A partnership with the Easter Bush Research Consortium, one of Europe's largest, aims to find better ways of preventing and managing diseases and advancing sustainable agriculture. Joining with veterinary medical colleges in the United States and the United Kingdom and the Chinese Veterinary Medical Association to launch the International Veterinary Collaboration for China, we strive to advance veterinary education practices and, in turn, strategically improve animal health, welfare and productivity in mainland China.

2010 Product Highlights

  • Improvac, our vaccine that brings innovation to pork production, has been approved in 57 countries, most recently in Japan and China, home to the world's largest population of pigs.

  • EXCEDE Sterile Suspension for Horses, approved in the U.S. as the first long-acting antibiotic formulation for horses with a two-dose regimen that helps improve compliance.

  • FluSure Pandemic, developed in a record four months to help protect pigs from the emerging outbreak of the H1N1 pandemic, received full licensure from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, making Pfizer the first company to gain such an approval.

  • CLARIFIDE, Pfizer Animal Health's genomic diagnostic test for dairy cattle, provides insight into an animal's future genetic potential and thereby helps dairy producers worldwide improve productivity.

Consumer Healthcare


  • Advil
  • Caltrate
  • Centrum
  • ChapStick
  • Robitussin
  • ThermaCare

Pfizer Consumer Healthcare is among the largest over-the-counter health care product companies in the world, with a global footprint operating in more than 90 countries. We have leadership positions in many markets including two brands in the global top 10, Advil and Centrum.

Pfizer's line of over-the-counter treatments provides science-based, differentiated, self-care solutions to consumers around the world. Our products are targeted at a variety of health needs, such as muscle and body aches, allergies, colds and coughs, and nutritional supplements.

2010 Highlights

  • 13 new launches this year, including Cough and Cold in China, Advil Congestion Relief in the United States, Advil Ultra in Latin America and Centrum Cardio in Europe.

  • Centrum Ultra exceeded $100 million in sales in its first year.

  • Launched Caltrate Soft Chews in the U.S. six months ahead of schedule, offering 20 percent more calcium and 25 percent less calories than the current segment leader, in two premium flavors, Chocolate Truffle and Vanilla Crème.



  • Progress GOLD
  • Promil GOLD
  • Promise GOLD
  • S-26 GOLD
  • Picky Eater GOLD

Pfizer Nutrition has a portfolio of products available in more than 60 countries, including a full line of infant formulas, follow-on formulas, growing-up milks, and prenatal and adult supplements. Our vision is to lead the way to a healthier world by helping to ensure that infants and children have access to the best and highest quality nutrition.

We offer safe, quality products, scientifically designed to meet the needs of infants and young children, as well as pregnant and lactating mothers. Our Biofactors System provides a range of specialty ingredients important to help support a child's health in areas such as brain development, eye development, the digestive system, immunity and bone development.

We are committed to marketing our infant formulas in accordance with the aim and principles of the World Health Organization Code of Marketing of Breast Milk Substitutes, and abiding by national codes wherever they exist. We continue to strengthen efforts to monitor Code compliance, and to ensure our marketing of infant formulas is carried out with the best interests of parents and babies.

Safety and quality are our highest priorities. Infant formulas are among the most stringently regulated consumer products in the world. We meet or exceed all food quality and safety standards set by the Codex Alimentarius Commission, and comply with all regulations in the countries where we operate. Codex is a body run jointly by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the World Health Organization.

2010 Highlights

  • We built a new manufacturing facility in Suzhou, China, to support the rapidly growing market in China for infant nutrition products—a key market expected to reach around $4 billion by 2012.

  • Pfizer Nutrition's newly expanded manufacturing facility in Singapore boosted production capacity by 50 percent in response to the rapidly growing Asian market.

  • We launched reformulations of our core S-26 and SMA products. The reformulations, which incorporate the latest in nutritional science for infants, toddlers and young children, are specifically designed to help provide a balanced diet of essential nutrients.



  • Coni-Snap
  • LiCaps
  • Vcaps Plus
  • DBcaps
  • Press-Fit

Capsugel is the world's leading provider of hard capsules and an innovator in drug delivery systems for the pharmaceutical, over-the-counter drug, and health and nutrition industries. We help our customers formulate new products, enhance existing product lines and bring products to market faster.

Offering a comprehensive array of products and services, from hard gelatin, liquid-filled and vegetarian capsules, to innovative R&D equipment and liquid formulations, as part of its Licaps Drug Delivery System, Capsugel is at the forefront of drug delivery innovation, providing support to customers from formulation to commercial production.