Pfizer 2011 Annual Review | Pfizer: the world's largest research-based pharmaceutical company

About This Review

This fully integrated Annual Review discusses many dimensions of our performance—financial, social and environmental—in one review. It demonstrates the integral relationship between our responsibilities as an enterprise and our core business strategies and their execution. It is produced for all of our stakeholders—patients, the medical community, investors, colleagues, customers and the public at large—to give an overall picture of how we are doing and, more importantly, how we are making progress toward our stated commitments.

Scope of Reporting

This review covers Pfizer's worldwide business and provides information on our activities for the year ending on December 31, 2011. This review describes key dimensions of both the company's financial and non-financial performance and includes updates on our products; our R&D pipeline; our commitment to quality, safety and high ethical standards; and our responsibilities to all stakeholders, starting with our patients. This review also describes critical challenges in society—from expanding access to health to our environmental impact—and our strategies for managing them.

Global Reporting Initiative Sustainability Reporting Guidelines

As global standards for integrated reporting do not exist, we considered the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Guidelines (G3) in preparing this review. A comprehensive GRI Index can be found on our website at We self-declare this review to GRI Application Level B.

Corporate Responsibility Management

This review was developed by Pfizer's Policy, External Affairs and Communications Group, whose leader is a member of the Executive Leadership Team and reports directly to the CEO. Corporate responsibility is embedded in our business strategy and vision, and many corporate responsibility issues are managed within our business units and functional groups to ensure thorough integration in all of our work. The Corporate Responsibility team sets the strategic direction for corporate responsibility at Pfizer and supports the integration of corporate responsibility throughout the company. The team is also responsible for Pfizer's flagship global health philanthropic programs. Pfizer's Corporate Responsibility team provides annual updates to Pfizer's Board of Directors on progress in achieving corporate responsibility goals.