Pfizer 2011 Annual Review | Pfizer: the world's largest research-based pharmaceutical company

Stakeholder Engagement

We regularly engage with patients, customers, investors, colleagues, suppliers, business partners and other stakeholders around the world. This sustained engagement provides us with valuable insights about how we are performing, what we need to do to meet the changing needs of society, and how emerging trends may affect our business.

We understand that no company is beyond criticism, and that people who have a stake in our company may have a variety of different views about our policies and business practices. We work to find common ground, and often do, even with our most serious critics. In fact, our shared goal is the same—improved global health. It is important that we continue to strive for a collaborative approach with key stakeholders in addressing important social and environmental issues, such as improving health outcomes and creating sustainable changes in the ways health care is delivered, while enhancing value for our shareholders and other stakeholders.