Pfizer 2011 Annual Review | Pfizer: the world's largest research-based pharmaceutical company
Global Opportunities

Global Opportunities

The world's fastest-growing markets are now outside the U.S. and EU. Consequently, we are increasing our efforts and resources to pursue opportunities in less developed countries.

Our efforts range from bringing a new product like Prevnar 13/Prevenar 13 into more than 100 countries less than two years after its approval to finding new markets for our consumer health care brands; from working with governments on smoking cessation initiatives to expanding our business with global institutional buyers.

Pfizer can bring great strengths to the challenges of new markets. For one thing, we are not new to burgeoning markets such as China, India and Brazil, where our long-standing presence is bolstered by a growing number of commercial and scientific alliances. Our global distribution networks are well-established and readily leveraged for growth. In fact, we recently added a distribution center in Kenya to increase our ability to capture larger markets in Africa, itself a region of great promise. Our global manufacturing capacity is strong, even as we continue to adapt its global footprint to maximize efficiencies. Our off-patent and generic portfolio is broad and growing, in a world where half of all prescriptions are for such medicines. Our brands are well-received and highly regarded around the world. People trust our products, and for good reason—they are backed by strong science and reliable quality.

The world is our market, and we are ramping up our efforts to meet its demands. We have largely reshaped the ways new medicines are brought through regulatory approval and launched, and are able, in many cases, to submit new drug applications to multiple authorities at once. Lessons learned from one market are being applied in others. In pursuing growth in our business, from our perspective, there is no such thing as a mature market—just people with growing medical and personal health care needs, people we can help through our products and knowledge.