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Our Culture

At Pfizer, we believe our internal culture is as essential to our purpose as our external reputation – and that the two are inextricably linked. With that in mind, our OWNIT! culture empowers all colleagues to “act like an owner.” We expect every colleague to take personal responsibility for their careers and be accountable for their work in order to make a positive impact on the business.

Our culture is built on the power of our colleagues’ passion for their work and the stakeholders we serve, and we strive to foster an environment where that passion can be channeled into speed, decisiveness and integrity. This means that innovation and new ideas are met with openness and careful consideration, not skepticism and dismissal. And it means everyone, regardless of their role, contributes to our success.

Our OWNIT! culture aligns every colleague to our purpose, positions Pfizer for long-term success and, ultimately, benefits the patients we serve.


Taking Our Culture to the Next Level with Head, Heart and Guts Leadership

Every day, the behaviors and interactions of Pfizer’s colleagues bring our OWNIT! culture to life. By focusing on the choices we make and the actions we take, we demonstrate our personal stake in Pfizer's mission and purpose and our accountability for the positive results.

In February 2017, we introduced Head, Heart and Guts Leadership, a simple, memorable way for colleagues to exhibit leadership, regardless of their role or level. This concept aligns our culture with our business environment through six leadership behaviors that drive our success today and into the future:

Head leadership encourages us to be decisive, strategic and analytical in how we address the complex issues and dilemmas we face as we strive to make a difference to patients and customers. Heart leadership drives us to be passionate about what we do and inspire others to learn, grow and succeed. And Guts leadership gives us the courage and resilience to face ambiguity and adversity. It’s that inner strength that allows us to push through and make sure that strategy and compassion are combined with the will to achieve.

Focusing on Leadership on OWNIT! Day

Each year on OWNIT! Day, Pfizer focuses on different, relevant themes that bring our culture to life.

This year’s OWNIT! Day on April 5 focused on “Head, Heart and Guts Leadership @ Every Level” of the organization. The key takeaway from the 2017 OWNIT! Day was that while behaviors may come to life differently depending on a colleague’s role, accountability and context, Head, Heart and Guts defines leadership as behaviors – not job titles – that colleagues at every level of the organization can demonstrate.

Building Head, Heart and Guts Leadership @ Every Level

Pfizer offers innovative learning and employee development experiences to enable everyone at Pfizer to maximize their contribution to business results. It starts with programs that provide colleagues with a focused and engaging introduction to Pfizer. Once the foundation is laid, we offer a set of specific programs for colleagues, managers and senior leaders enabling them to continue to learn, adapt and stay agile as they embrace their leadership development. Launched in 2017, our new development programs – under the rubric Leadership @ Every Level – advance the Head, Heart and Guts behaviors to drive culture and performance. A Head, Heart and Guts 360 Feedback Tool drives self-awareness and development opportunities by collecting structured input from managers, direct reports (if applicable), peers and others, allowing colleagues to understand how they are viewed from a variety of perspectives.

Building Head, Heart and Guts Leadership @ Every Level

Our organization is becoming more complex. Learning to deal with ambiguity and a matrix is vital to Pfizer’s success.

I’ve learned the significant impact I have as a leader, and the even larger impact I can have on the culture.

The feedback and ideas that I received from my peers was invaluable. I am taking action in each and every one of those ideas.

All leaders are dealing with significant challenges and decisions and we can benefit from different perspectives outside of our function.

I now see how different the issues are across the organization and how effectively diverse inputs and approaches help to solve them.


Reinventing HR for Employees on the Go

Recognizing the need to be more in tune with the needs of an increasingly mobile and technology-dependent economy – including a need for a standard platform that allows for self-service and greater simplicity and efficiency – Pfizer implemented a cloud-based HR On Demand solution for colleagues in 2017.

This undertaking required a fundamental shift in our processes and the introduction of an entirely new way of engaging with HR and approximately 400 business applications with commercial, financial and manufacturing impact for Pfizer.

HR on demand

“The rate of change in technology and how we do our work is rapid. It is driving every business to rethink data. Providing our colleagues with expanded access to their own data affords them greater accountability and control. Self-service, people-centric tools make it easier for managers to own their workforce decisions, while enabling HR to focus more on the strategic direction of the business.”

Chuck HillExecutive Vice President, Worldwide Human Resources, Pfizer

“We designed HR On Demand with our colleagues in mind to help ensure easy access to business information that was most relevant for them. It is the first time Pfizer launched an enterprise application of this magnitude in a single day. It has touched every colleague, and 100 percent of colleagues have accessed the system, which makes it easier for everyone to achieve better business results.”

Jeff KeislingSenior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Finance & Business Operations, Pfizer

Building Success Through Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are just as crucial to building a successful business as they are to building a vibrant culture.

At Pfizer, colleagues of diverse backgrounds and abilities contribute their unique viewpoints and perspectives to all aspects of the business. Diverse colleagues offer a more personal understanding or our customers' needs and concerns, while inclusive teams are more collaborative, more accepting of difference and more apt to embody a balance between prudence and risk-taking.

Our Head, Heart and Guts Leadership behaviors and our “Straight Talk” approach encourage open dialogue and the surfacing of new ideas, which help ensure that we are having the types of candid and constructive conversations needed to make the right decisions for the company and for the patients we serve.

Driving Inclusion with Head, Heart and Guts

“Diversity and Inclusion bring tremendous value to an organization. We have implemented innovative programs to help ensure we have a diverse workforce and are working to create an environment where all of our colleagues feel valued for their unique personal characteristics and perspectives. It starts by recognizing that we are all personally accountable for creating an inclusive environment. This is a fundamental part of our OWNIT! culture.”

Pamela Puryear Senior Vice President and Chief Talent Officer, Pfizer

Targeting Diversity & Inclusion Efforts for Maximum Impact

In 2017, we expanded our internal audience at Pfizer's Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Summit, engaged in dialogue with senior leaders and stepped up our sourcing of external diverse talent, including:

  • This year’s annual D&I Summit included a live Global Town Hall open to all employees, with Pfizer CEO, Ian Read, and Pfizer Board Member, Ron Blaylock, sharing their perspectives on the value of a diverse and inclusive workplace.
  • Senior leaders and leaders of top-performing diverse talent participated in peer-facilitated Inclusion Commitment Sessions, where they exchanged perspectives, ideas and strategies on inclusive leadership.
  • Our Diversity Power Breakfasts bring together Pfizer’s senior leaders with diverse senior talent from outside the company to build relationships and source talent.

Ian Read Commits to Being a Catalyst CEO Champion for Change

Ian Read has joined more than 40 global CEOs and senior leaders and committed to being a CEO Champion for Change. The CEO Champion for Change commitment is a new initiative sponsored by Catalyst, a leading global nonprofit organization that works to advance diversity, inclusion and gender equality at work.

Pfizer Joins CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™

Pfizer joined a new coalition of more than 150 businesses in a collective commitment to make progress toward advancing diversity and inclusion in our workplace and in our communities. The newly launched CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion will help encourage workplace dialogue on diversity and inclusion, expand education on implicit biases and share best practices.

Pfizer Pledges $100 Million to Aid Women-Owned Businesses

At the 2017 Global Citizen’s Festival in Hamburg, Germany, Pfizer pledged to source $100 million from women-owned businesses over the next three years. Pfizer’s partnership with WEConnect International is aimed at expanding global supplier diversity and inclusion, and ensuring that more women have the opportunity to compete for business opportunities.

Pfizer Receives a perfect score of 100 percent on the 2017 Corporate Equality Index (CEI)

The 2017 CEI evaluates LGBTQ-related policies and practices, including non-discrimination workplace protections, domestic partner benefits, transgender-inclusive health care benefits, competency programs and public engagement with the LGBTQ community. Pfizer’s efforts in satisfying all of the CEI’s criteria resulted in a 100 percent ranking and the designation as a Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality.

Pfizer Signs the AARP Employer Pledge Program

AARP’s Employer Pledge Program is a national effort to help employers solve their current and future staffing challenges and direct job seekers to employers that value and are hiring experienced workers. By signing the pledge, Pfizer acknowledges they believe in equal opportunity for all workers, regardless of age, recognize the value of experienced workers, recruit across diverse age groups and consider all applicants on an equal basis.

Colleague Resource Groups (CRGs)

At Pfizer, our CRGs play a critical and wide-reaching role in maintaining a culture of diversity and inclusion. CRGs are groups of colleagues who are part of and/or support the goals of a diverse population and offer development opportunities, mentoring and networking for skill-building and career advancement. CRG members contribute their unique backgrounds and viewpoints to help advance our business, and they help communities outside the business through volunteer and philanthropic activities.

Colleague Resource Groups (CRGs)

CRGs are open to any colleague who is part of, or identifies with, a particular community, or anyone who supports the goals and values of that community and wants to be involved in D&I work.



of our workforce

21,000+ colleagues are actively engaged in D&I efforts




CRGs across the globe are focused on all types of diversity, including Asians, blacks, disability, Latinos, LGBTQ, Veterans and Women



Professional networking: Meet colleagues from all levels of the organization who are eager to offer support, encouragement and practical advice as employees pursue their career goals.

Business purpose: Get involved in CRG-driven initiatives that have a clear, positive impact on Pfizer’s goals and strategies and help advance the business.

Developmental opportunities: Attend CRG-sponsored training and development programming, including events focused on personal branding, unconscious bias awareness, mentoring/sponsorship, work-life balance, business acumen and much more.

Community involvement: Participate as a group in countless local volunteer and philanthropic initiatives.

Leadership opportunities: Assume visible leadership and project management roles through active involvement in a CRG.

Beyond internal culture-building within Pfizer, the CRGs also build external community relationships. From sponsoring scholarships for students to supporting health fairs focused on the unique health care concerns of diverse populations, our CRGs view the world as our community.

Key 2017 highlights from the CRGs include:

  • Pfizer Poland became a cosignatory of the Diversity Charter, an international initiative that identifies organizations that are committed to eliminating discrimination in the workplace and promoting diversity.
  • Pfizer Belgium hosted a DiversiCom workshop that focused on engaging and encouraging colleagues to think about our potential unconscious biases toward individuals with disabilities in the workplace and to understand how individuals with disabilities experience work.
  • Pfizer launched the new Take Action for Health web tool, in collaboration with the National Urban League, Anthem, Inc. and City of Hope, to address health disparities among African-Americans.
  • Through Mentor the Next Generation of Local Scientists, members of Groton’s CRGs helped 18 teams of Norwich Technical High School students practice their presentations for the Connecticut Science & Engineering Fair.
  • Pfizer’s Business Technology Women’s Leadership Network sponsored the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program in New York. The program, which hosted 38 high school students, featured workshops on several topics, including robotics and web apps, as well as Pfizer-led initiatives such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, EMTech and Data Analytics, and a field trip to one of Pfizer’s manufacturing sites via virtual reality.

Becoming a Catalyst for Change Through the Multicultural Center of Excellence

Over the past decade, Pfizer’s outreach and work in America’s multicultural communities have been spearheaded by the Pfizer RxPathways® and Pfizer Government Relations teams, in an effort to increase awareness of our patient assistance program and to help the uninsured and underinsured get access to our medicines. This work led to the development of our Multicultural Center of Excellence (MCoE), which is focused on building strong partnerships with multicultural organizations to help improve health equity across all communities.

The MCoE seeks to partner with organizations on activities across four key health care priorities:

  • Access: Support patients by connecting them to assistance programs that offer insurance support, co-pay assistance and medicines for free or at a savings
  • Clinical Trials: Ensure that diverse populations are aware of and understand the clinical trials process
  • Disease Awareness: Educate communities about a variety of disease states, including oncology, pain, smoking cessation, vaccines and sickle cell disease
  • Health Care Reform: Raise awareness of resources available for multicultural communities and patients in need to help better manage their health and to support initiatives designed to help reduce health disparities

Pfizer Salutes Links on the Hill

Pfizer’s MCoE team sponsored The Links, Incorporated’s Inaugural Legislative Luncheon: Saluting Our Link Sisters on the Hill event in Washington, D.C. With more than 800 women in attendance, the event honored the work of six members of the Congressional Black Caucus for their service and commitment to their communities.

Volunteering to Improve Health Care Delivery Around the World

In 2017, we welcomed six new colleagues into the Pfizer Global Health Fellows (GHF) Program, our international corporate volunteer program that places Pfizer colleagues in short-term assignments with international development organizations. Now in its 14th year, the program pairs Pfizer colleagues, who possess a variety of professional, medical and business skills, with partner organizations to work together to bring about meaningful and systematic improvements in health service delivery for people in greatest need.

Fellows volunteered in Hanoi, Vietnam, with such organizations as FHI 360 and Save the Children, and in Delhi, India, with Population Services International and Project HOPE.

Pfizer Global Health Fellows (GHF)
by The Numbers






Hours of pro bono service


Years of skills-based volunteering

Ho Chi Minh City

“My fellowship here in Vietnam, in an emerging market, has shown me that thinking BIG is key to reaching our mission as a pharmaceutical company, to help people live healthier lives.”

Sonia Braham Communication Manager, Pfizer (France), and 2017 Global Health Fellow with FHI 360, Hanoi, Vietnam
Health Awareness Group Delhi

“The Project HOPE team and India made me a better person. I can only humbly hope that my contributions hold a value for them too.”

Cathy Dunwody Regional Customer Marketing Director, Pfizer (United States), and 2017 Global Health Fellow with Project HOPE, Delhi, India

How our work in this area is supporting the Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 4 : Quality Education

Goal 5 : Gender Equality

Goal 8 : Decent Work and Economic Growth