Our Sustainable Policies & Practices

Stakeholder Engagement

Throughout Pfizer, we regularly engage with a broad range of stakeholders who impact the way we do business globally and on regional and local levels. These stakeholders help inform and validate our decision-making processes and provide us with guidance and insights that can help us move our business forward responsibly, allowing us to continue to develop and deliver innovative, transformative medicines and vaccines to the people who need them.

These stakeholders are essential partners in the work we do and, because each one brings a unique perspective to the table, we can collaborate with them at various levels to make a positive impact internally and externally. All across Pfizer, we are putting the science of engaging stakeholders to work every day to benefit patients, the global health community, our colleagues, our partners, our shareholders and our business. Our key stakeholders include, but are not limited to:

  • Individuals, including patients, caregivers and healthy individuals who stand to benefit from our medicines, vaccines and disease education initiatives. Read more about how we work with patients on our clinical trials
  • Physicians and allied health professionals who work closely with Pfizer from the earliest stages of drug and vaccine development. Read more about how our medicines and vaccines are helping people around the world
  • Governments, policy-makers, and regulatory authorities that help guide our medicines and vaccines from the laboratory to the patient, partner with Pfizer to expand access to our products and positively impact the environment while doing so. Read more about how we’re minimizing our environmental footprint
  • Public health organizations that provide access to our medicines and vaccines for people in need, and on-the-ground support for health and education initiatives. Read more about our work in providing access to medicines and vaccines
  • Professional medical organizations that work closely with Pfizer to educate their members about the latest research on our medicines and vaccines, our pipeline and ways to access our products
  • Patient advocacy groups that help support patient needs beyond treatment and motivate other stakeholders to effect changes in health care policy
  • Colleagues who come to work at Pfizer every day with a common goal of helping the people who stand to benefit the most from our medicines and vaccines. Read more about how we engage employees to give back to the community
  • Academic institutions that partner with us and drive the cutting-edge research that helps fuel future generations of innovative medicines and vaccines
  • Industry partners who come together with Pfizer to bring innovation into drug and vaccine discovery and development
  • Hospitals and pharmacies on the frontlines of patient care that rely on the medicines and vaccines we develop and deliver to treat patients and improve their quality of life
  • Customers who purchase and prescribe/sell our portfolio of pharmaceutical, vaccine and over-the-counter products
  • Media, both traditional and social, that provide a direct link to patients, health care professionals and other stakeholders and serve as an information resource for the important work we do
  • Shareholders and analysts who have a vested interest in the day-to-day operations and, ultimately, the short, medium, and long-term, success of Pfizer
  • Suppliers, a diverse group that helps ensure that all units within Pfizer, from manufacturing to research and development to corporate, have the requisite tools to do our jobs every day